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Julian Brodsky, Ralph Roberts and Daniel Aaron started Comcast in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963. Comcast was a small cable television provider with big dreams. Fast forward to today’s Comcast owns sports arenas. Now Comcast is the largest cable television provider and Internet service provider in the USA.
When you sign up for email with Comcast, you use the services of a large company with the ability to provide fast and reliable web servers to its customers.
In order to provide a more modern design, and improve the functionality of its most used features, we are updating the look and feel of the XFINITY Connect email experience. Beginning April 11, 2016 select customers will be invited to be among the first to enjoy the new XFINITY Connect by taking part in our customer preview allowing them to begin using the updated XFINITY Connect experience before it is widely available to all of our customers over the coming months.

A portal to manage your cable biz services, pay your bill, and shop business-grade apps are all waiting for you.


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Business Internet, Phone and More.
Comcast Business offers scalable Voice, Internet, and Data services for businesses of all sizes.

Email Setup
Activate, configure and manage your Business email. Retrieve or change your Comcast Business online account username or password.

How To Configure a Comcast Business Class Static IP Address

I called Comcast and subscribed to one (1) static IP address service because a single IP address assigned to the Linksys WRT54GS WiFi router WAN interface would do the job. The sales person said a confirmation e-mail would be sent with the new static IP in 3 to 5 business days. Several days later, an e-mail confirmation arrived with the new IP address, gateway IP, subnet mask, DNS server IPs and instructions to call Comcast Tech Support’s toll free number to active the static IP service. The e-mail was brief and to the point:

Dear Customer,
Below is the Static IP information for Account # xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Static (Static IP address for my Linksys router)
Gateway (Static IP address of the CG3000DCR or SMC8014 gateway)
Subnet Mask:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS
Note: Static IP's will not be active/available until the file is downloaded
to your gateway. Please call Tech Support...800.391.3000 or reply to this
email when you want to make the change.
Comcast Static IP Block

Comcast offers 1, 5 or 13 usable static IP addresses. “Usable” means the quantity of IP addresses that are available for assignment to your devices. IP subnetting rules require that IP addresses are allocated in blocks of certain fixed sizes. To obtain one (1) useable IP address a /30 CIDR block is allocated. (You can skip the following CIDR block details because the essentials are given in Comcast’s e-mail notice above.)

Comcast Business Static IP Block Assignment: One (1) Customer Usable IP Example

CIDR Notation:
Network Address (ID):
Host Addresses: to .186
Customer Usable IP(s):
Only one (1) usable IP because the highest host address (.186) is automatically assigned by Comcast to the Business Gateway WAN Internet IP address.
Network Broadcast Address:
Subnet Mask:
Recall that the Network ID and Broadcast IP addresses cannot be assigned your network hosts (LAN devices). Comcast also assigns the highest usable IP address to the Business gateway WAN interface. Therefore 3 IP addresses in any CIDR block are reserved and not customer usable.

If I had purchased 5 usable static IP addresses for a more complex LAN network application then Comcast would allocate /29 CIDR block:

Comcast Business Static IP Block Assignment: Five (5) Customer Useable IPs Example

CIDR Notation:
Network Address (ID):
Host Addresses: to .190
Customer Usable IP(s): to .189
Only five (5) usable IP because the highest host address (.190) is automatically assigned by Comcast to the Business Gateway WAN Internet IP address.
Network Broadcast Address:
Subnet Mask:

Please follow these steps to reset your password…
1. Connect Internet and go to , where you can see sign in at the top right corner. Click the link
2. Sign in page will open … on the bottom of the page you can click “forget your password”.
3. enter your username (ie; ninishelton) and continue..
4. type the captcha code and continue.
5. Please answer your secret question to reset your password, with zip code and continue..

Now you can select your new password and enjoy using or lately it became xfinity